Converting Photoshop Mac and Window Commands

The computer labs at my school use Windows, so I write my instructions using the commands that my students use in our class. I have started using Mac commands in my newer tutorials to make it easier for users teaching in a Mac lab.

Until my older tutorials are converted, here are some tips to help you convert the commands on your own:

Windows Mac
Control/CTRL Command/Cmd
ALT Option
Backspace Delete
Right-Click Ctrl

I urge users to use key commands when possible. Users will find that it greatly increases efficiency. Now that certification exams are available in-app, shortcuts will work on the test. Here is a list of the common key commands that I teach first when introducing Photoshop to new users:

CTRL Z Undo   CTRL X Cut
CTRL 0 Fit on Screen   CTRL C Copy
CTRL D Deselect   CTRL V Paste
CTRL N New Doc   F7 Layers Panel
CTRL S Save   F5 Brushes Panel
[ Smaller Brush   ] Larger Brush
SHIFT CTRL S Save as   CTRL 1 View 100%
CTRL T Free Transform   CTRL H Hides Extras (like marquees)
CTRL R Rulers   CTRL + Zoom in
CTRL J Layer via copy   CTRL – Zoom out
CTRL I Invert colors   CTRL A Select All
SHIFT CTRL I Invert Selection   SHIFT F5 Fill
CTRL O Open Doc   CTRL L Levels
CTRL W Close Doc   CTRL M Curves
ALT BACKSPACE Fill w/ foreground   CTRL E Merge Down
CTRL BACKSPACE Fill w/ background   CTRL G Group layers


I also encourage users to know the key commands to activate the most often used tools. Learning Photoshop can be a bit overwhelming, but associating the key that matches the tool will help users to switch between tools quickly. As new users select a tool, Photoshop will offer the key shortcut when the tool name is listed.

V Move  
M Marquees  
W Wands (Quick Select/Magic Wand)  
B Brushes  
D Default Colors  
X Switch Colors (Foreground/Background)  
I Eyedropper  
T Type  
L Lasso  
C Crop  
J Healing tools  
S Stamp  
E Eraser  
G Gradients  
O Dodge  
P Pen  
A Path Selection  
Z Zoom  
H Hand  
Adding the Shift key to these single keys will toggle through the tools hidden under the top tool. You don’t have to learn all of the tool keys. In fact, I did not list all of them here. This is the order that I teach them in.



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