Combining Images for Fun

The DisFUNctional Family Photo Open the files family 1 and family 2. We want to combine these two photos so that all four people are in the photo. First, we need to edit the boys in family 1. We need to slide them over to the side because they would overlap with the adults in the photo. 1. Select your Content... Continue Reading →


How to Levitate with Photoshop

How to Levitate with Photoshop Materials: blank wall or backdrop, chair or stool, digital camera, tripod This lesson is great for getting students to understand MASKING in Photoshop. Students in my Graphics class and Photography class enjoy doing this lesson every year. The lesson will work best if you can take your photos against a... Continue Reading →

Zombify Yourself in 10 Easy Steps

Tools taught: Dodge, Burn, Sponge, Liquify, Loading Brushes Open Photoshop and open a photo of yourself. Try finding a good photo with crisp quality, good lighting, and where the person is looking directly at the camera. Photos with your mouth slightly open work the best. Don’t squint your eyes. The wider your eyes are, the... Continue Reading →

Making Precise Selections in Photoshop

Photoshop CC made it very easy for users to make precise selections using the Refine Edge Tools. This is particularly important when selecting objects that would be very difficult to manually select (hair, fur, grass,etc). Getting Started Open the Select and Mask image from the source files. There are several ways to access the Select... Continue Reading →

Warp Speed in Photoshop

Open the Warp Speed or another other image that has an object that could appear to be moving. We want to make this image look as if the car is driving really fast. This will require a blur filter. Most Photoshop users learn to use filters relatively early in their lessons. Filters are great and can... Continue Reading →

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