Converting Photoshop Mac and Window Commands

The computer labs at my school use Windows, so I write my instructions using the commands that my students use in our class. I have started using Mac commands in my newer tutorials to make it easier for users teaching in a Mac lab. Until my older tutorials are converted, here are some tips to... Continue Reading →

Understanding Basic File Types in Simple Terms

Understanding Basic File Types in Simple Terms PSD This is the native file format for Photoshop. Once you have more than one layer, JPEG files turn into PSD files. These files are NOT universal. You must save the file in another format before using it outside of Adobe products. I suggest you save your work... Continue Reading →

INTRODUCTION As you go through this guide you will notice that I have included some tips to help you teach your students. These are things that I find very helpful when introducing Photoshop. I have also included many keyboard commands. If you will introduce key commands as you learn/teach Photoshop, your efficiency will increase. This... Continue Reading →

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