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Straighten a Photo with Content-Aware

Straighten a Photo with Content-Aware Open the Beach Notice that the image is crooked, and the horizon line is slanted. Select the Crop tool from the toolbar. In the Options bar at the top of the screen, check the Content-Aware check box to turn on the Crop tool’s Content-Aware option. Using the Content Aware option... Continue Reading →

Working with Adobe Bridge

Working with Adobe Bridge Adobe Bridge is an application that allows photographers to organize, rename, review, and batch process many photos quickly. It should be the first part of a post-production workflow. Getting Started Some photographers prefer to cull through photos before they rename them. It doesn’t really matter when you rename your photos, but... Continue Reading →

No flash? No problem!

At almost every school event that I attend I always have people ask me to take photos of their family members or students because they are not allowed to use their camera's flash during the event and don't know how to adjust their cameras. Some of them have their own digital SLR cameras but only... Continue Reading →

Making Precise Selections in Photoshop

Photoshop CC made it very easy for users to make precise selections using the Refine Edge Tools. This is particularly important when selecting objects that would be very difficult to manually select (hair, fur, grass,etc). Getting Started Open the Select and Mask image from the source files. There are several ways to access the Select... Continue Reading →

Quick Fix for Photos

Mergers Avoid objects in the background that appear to come out of people’s heads. This can be easy to fix if you find you have a merger in your image. Select the spot healing brush. Choose a soft brush size that is slightly larger than the merger object. Drag the cursor over the object to... Continue Reading →

Spot Healing Brush

Spot Healing Brush Sometimes there are objects that need to be removed from an image. The spot healing brush uses content around the selected object and replaces it with similar patterns and pixels. Let's Get Started Open the Spot Healing file. Notice the fence that is in the image. 2. Select the Spot Healing Brush... Continue Reading →

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