Converting Photoshop Mac and Window Commands

The computer labs at my school use Windows, so I write my instructions using the commands that my students use in our class. I have started using Mac commands in my newer tutorials to make it easier for users teaching in a Mac lab. Until my older tutorials are converted, here are some tips to... Continue Reading →


What’s New in Photoshop 2019? (updated January 2019)

Frames Frames work like placeholders. If you know you need to insert a photo that is a specific size, but you are not sure which one you are going to use, simply insert a frame. Then you can drag and drop your photo into the frame. Photoshop will do the masking for you. Dedicated Content... Continue Reading →

About Me

Dawn Bradley is the lead graphic design teacher for Granbury ISD. She has taught in public education at the high school level for 20 years. She began working with and teaching Adobe Products in 2001 with Photoshop 5. She has been an Adobe Education Leader, since 2016. She is also an Adobe Education Trainer and... Continue Reading →

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