Looking for an alternative to the traditional exit ticket?

As we approach a new year, we are often reminded to have an exit ticket to check for understanding. Many teachers I know use sticky notes from their students. That leaves a paper trail and isn't really a "green" option if you do it often. I decided having students do their exit tickets digitally made... Continue Reading →


About Me

Dawn Bradley is the lead graphic design teacher for Granbury ISD. She has taught in public education at the high school level for 19 years. She began working with and teaching Adobe Products in 2001 with Photoshop 5. She has been an Adobe Education Leader, since 2016. She is also an Adobe Education Trainer and... Continue Reading →

No flash? No problem!

At almost every school event that I attend I always have people ask me to take photos of their family members or students because they are not allowed to use their camera's flash during the event and don't know how to adjust their cameras. Some of them have their own digital SLR cameras but only... Continue Reading →

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