What’s new in Photoshop CC2018 (October 2017 release and January 2018 update)

The following information was obtained from Adobe . Select Subject  New in the January 2018 release Select the most prominent subjects in an image in a single click Select Subject lets you select the most prominent subject in an image in a single click. Powered by advanced machine learning technology, Select Subject is trained to identify a variety of... Continue Reading →


Straighten a Photo with Content-Aware

Straighten a Photo with Content-Aware Open the Beach Notice that the image is crooked, and the horizon line is slanted. Select the Crop tool from the toolbar. In the Options bar at the top of the screen, check the Content-Aware check box to turn on the Crop tool’s Content-Aware option. Using the Content Aware option... Continue Reading →

Working with Adobe Bridge

Working with Adobe Bridge Adobe Bridge is an application that allows photographers to organize, rename, review, and batch process many photos quickly. It should be the first part of a post-production workflow. Getting Started Some photographers prefer to cull through photos before they rename them. It doesn’t really matter when you rename your photos, but... Continue Reading →

How to Levitate with Photoshop

How to Levitate with Photoshop Materials: blank wall or backdrop, chair or stool, digital camera, tripod This lesson is great for getting students to understand MASKING in Photoshop. Students in my Graphics class and Photography class enjoy doing this lesson every year. The lesson will work best if you can take your photos against a... Continue Reading →

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