Combining Images for Fun

The DisFUNctional Family Photo

Open the files family 1 and family 2. We want to combine these two photos so that all four people are in the photo.

First, we need to edit the boys in family 1. We need to slide them over to the side because they would overlap with the adults in the photo.

1. Select your Content Aware Move Tool to make a loose lasso selection around the boys. You may need to adjust the Structure and Color settings to make the move work seamlessly. Holding SHIFT while moving the boys to the right will move them over in a straight line. This is helpful when you need to match the brick pattern. Drag first and then hold shift. Place the boy in yellow below the N in the sign. Press Enter or the check mark to commit the change.

You may notice a faint halo where the boys once were. This is ok. Because we can fix that later. Deselect the boys (CTRL/CMD D)

  1. Unlock the background layer. HINT: A quick way to do this is double-click on the background layer. Press ok. The layer turns into a named layer and the lock symbol disappears.
  2. Open the family 2 photo. Select the entire image (CTRL/CMD A). Then copy it by (CTRL/CMD C). Go back to family 1 and paste (CTRL/CMD V). You will have two layers in your family 1 image.

The adults will be above the boys layer.

4. Hold Shift and select both layers. Go to Edit>Auto-Align Layers. In most cases you will select Auto. You can play with the other options if your layers do not look exactly right. Photoshop will analyse both layers and try to line them up based on similarities.

You can change the opacity (65%) of the top layer to make sure they are lined up correctly. You may need to make minor adjustments to

get the brick pattern to line up better. At this point you may decide that you want to move the boys a little closer to the adults. If this is the case, select the bottom layer only and use the Content Aware Move Tool to move them more to the left. In my image I moved the boy in yellow under the A in the sign. Press Enter or the check mark to commit the change. Deselect the boys (CTRL/CMD D).

Now we want to combine the images together by using a layer mask on the adult layer. Remember that when working with masks, white reveals and black conceals. In this case the white mask that you see next to the thumbnail means that we can see all of the adult layer. We want to conceal the brick area to the right of the lady so that the boys show through. Select a 60 px soft, round brush. Make sure you are painting with black.

To complete the photo you will want to crop around the edges. Finish by merging the layers. Layer>Flatten Image (CTRL/CMD E).

Save your finished file.


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