The Magic of Layers

The Magic of Layers

One of the beautiful joys of Photoshop is being able to work with layers. Using layers allows you to edit parts of a document without it disturbing other parts. Open the file layers.psd.

It’s very useful to rename your layers something relevant to the image. In this case, I have renamed the layers for you. To rename a layer, double-click on the layer name and replace it with the new name.

Select the lock layer. Press CTRL/CMD T to get into Transformation mode. You will see a bounding box with handles appear around the lock. Move your mouse to the outside edge of any of the corners. The icon will turn into a bended arrow. This means you are about to rotate the image. Turn the image so that the top right corner is pointing to 12:00. Press Enter/Return or the check mark on the Options bar to commit the box. If you make a mistake you can press Esc and start over.

With the lock layer still active, we will apply a blending mode. Blending modes are found in the Layers panel. They change the way a layer interacts with the layer beneath it. The default blending mode is Normal. Select several blending modes to see what each does. Then choose either Color Dodge or Screen.

Activate the technology layer. Use the Move Tool (V) to move the rasterized type to the bottom right corner of the document. (Rasterized text means that you can no longer edit the text. The text is now considered pixels.) Change the Opacity of the layer to 50% (found at the top of the layers panel).

Select the code layer. Press CTRL/CMD T and click and drag the top left corner so that it is the same size as the background image. Press Enter/Return or the check mark to commit the transformation.

When you work with layers you will want to save all of your working files as PSD files to retain the layers each time you save and reopen a file. Saving files as JPEG will flatten all of the layers and make editing much harder. Save your image.



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