The Glass Effect

The Glass Effect

This is a great way to add a watermark to your images. In this lesson we will be using text, but this will also work with shapes. Open the Glass.jpg file. Change your font to Arial Bold, 82pt. It does not matter what color you use as long as you can see it. Type Photoshop. Press Enter/Return to move to the next line and type Magic. Now you will add some Layer Styles. There is a small fx button at the bottom of the Layers panel or you can go to Layer>Layer Styles.

Select Drop Shadow from the list. Use the following settings: 

Blend Mode to Normal Opacity 100%, Distance 5. Spread 0. Size 5. Leave the other settings as is. Then click on Bevel & Emboss. Use the default settings. Click Ok.

Next, change the Fill to 0%. Fill is found below Opacity on your Layers Panel. Unlike changing Opacity where everything slowly fades away, Fill only changes the colors that are applied in the layer. It leaves the Layer Styles unchanged. Now you have text that will impress your friends.



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