Make them Disappear Using the Clone Stamp and Content Aware Tools

Make them Disappear Using the Clone Stamp

METHOD ONE: Open the photo Seawall.jpg. Notice the two people on the seawall. Removing the people from this image is very easy.

Select the Clone Stamp. Choose a soft, round brush (80px) so that your changes are subtle. Hold down the ALT key and click on an area below the couple. This is defining your source. Release the mouse and ALT. Hover your mouse over the couple. This will be your target. When you hover your mouse over another area, a preview will appear of what will be “stamped” over the target. Click and drag your mouse over the couple. As you drag the mouse you will see a plus + that hovers over the source area. The target will be replaced with your source. In order to make the image look realistic you may need to repeat the process several times. It’s ok to define multiple sources to make the image look realistic. If your source and target are too close you may find that you create more errors. Be patient.

Hints: Using a soft brush (0% hardness) will make your edits less noticeable. Also, use a brush that is sized about the same size as the area that you are trying to hide. You can quickly change brush sizes by using the left and right bracket keys on your keyboard. [ = smaller brush, ] = larger brush. 

METHOD TWO: Open the 04 That Kid file from your source folder. This is a photo of some of my students. You can see that one student did not want to cooperate and stand with the group. Through Photoshop magic we are able to move him on our own.

Find the Content Aware Move Tool (found behind the Spot Healing Brush). Make a loose selection around the boy on the left. You want some of the wall to appear in your selection so that Photoshop can work its magic.

Next, click inside your selection and drag the boy over next to the group. Photoshop will try to guess what the image behind his should be. It’s not always perfect, but we can touch it up with other tools later.

METHOD THREE: Press F12 on your keyboard to Revert back to your last saved file. This will probably get the file to its original state. Now use the Lasso Tool (L) to make a selection around the boy that you previously moved (currently in original location). Press Shift F5 on your keyboard to bring up your Fill options. You can also go to Edit>Fill if you prefer to use menus. Select Content Aware and then press Ok. Photoshop will do the rest of the work for you.




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