Warp Speed in Photoshop

Open the Warp Speed or another other image that has an object that could appear to be moving.

We want to make this image look as if the car is driving really fast. This will require a blur filter. Most Photoshop users learn to use filters relatively early in their lessons. Filters are great and can be a lot of fun, but if you don’t get the settings right on the first try you have to undo and try again.

TIP: If you covert your image into a Smart Object first, you can apply Smart Filters. These work much like layer styles in the way that you can edit or delete them after they have been applied.

Go to Filter>Convert for Smart Filters>OK.

Warp Speed image 1Go to Filter>Blur>Radial Blur. Change the settings as shown:

Amount: 25      Blur method: Zoom     Quality: Good

Adjust the center a bit lower so that it matches the automobile in front of the car. By using Smart Filters you can go back and edit this if you don’t get it exact the first time.

Warp Speed image 2Warp Speed image 3

Your layer will look like this once you press Enter or click on Ok. Notice that you can see the filter listed below the layer. This enables you to go back and edit it after the filter has been applied.

If you do not convert for Smart Filters, the filter is applied permanently and cannot be tweaked without using your undo option.

If you want the car to appear to be driving faster, you can increase the amount >25.

Save your finished image.







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