Using Content Aware Fill in Photoshop

Sometimes you need to remove large objects from an image. The Content Aware Fill is a great tool that you can use to do this quickly. The tool uses surrounding content to fill in the selection of the photo.­­

1. Open the Content Aware Fill In this image we want to remove the man in the blue shirt. Because grass doesn’t have a set pattern, it will be easy to remove the subject.

2. Use the Lasso Tool (L) to loosely select the man. You want to have a little room on either side of the marching ants. If the selection is too tight around the subject, Photoshop will not have enough information to successfully fill in the image.

3. Go to Edit>Fill (Shift + F5). If the layer is locked, simply pressing Delete will bring up the same dialog box.

before CAF4. Choose Content-Aware in the contents section.

5. Enable Color Adaptation for a more natural look. This helps the colors of the new content match the original surrounding images.

6. Leave the Blending Mode at Normal. Opacity should be 100%. Select OK.

7. Photoshop will use surrounding pixels to fill in the area inside the selection.

8. You can hide the selection marquee to preview the new fill. Choose View>Extras. (CTRL H)

9. Select>Deselect (CTRL D)

10. If you can see a halo of the original object you can use the Clone Stamp to touch up the area.

11. Save your new image. File>Save (CTRL S)

CAF after


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